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In June, Brownsville Hosts Charro Days, A Festival That Generates Significant Revenue For Local Businesses

Brownsville’s Charro Days officially kicked out this weekend, and it is believed that the celebrations will help to boost the local economy as a result of the festivities.

According to historian Henry LeVrier, the first Charro Days Fiesta was held in 1938, and while it recognizes Mexican descent on both sides of the Rio Grande, it was originally intended to serve as an economic boost for the local community at the time of its inception.

“During the summer of 1937, a loosely organized group of businesspeople convened to discuss ways to invigorate the economy. It was during this meeting that the group came to the conclusion, “You know what, let’s prepare a fiesta to basically kick start everything,” said David LeVrier, who attended the gathering.

Following a gap from in-person celebrations, the fiesta has returned, with favorable repercussions for the local business community….

In the words of the author, “even now that we have here, it is still having an impact on the economy.” This is a tremendous development, and we are delighted with the outcome. In LeVrier’s words: “It’s important to remember that everything from hotels to restaurants to all of the local vendors has a significant impact on the economy.”

Olga Morales, director of sales at the Courtyard by Marriott Brownsville, stated that the hotel began putting together plans for Charro Days six to eight months before the event.

This is the time of year when the hotel welcomes visitors from all over the state and country who come to visit and stay at their establishment.

As an example, according to Morales, “We have guests who come to us from Monterrey, visitors who come from Mexico City, and tourists who come from both sides of the border.”

According to Morales, the activities are beneficial to all of the hotels and other businesses in the Brownsville area since they bring in tourists to the community.

This is excellent for all people, but it is particularly advantageous to our hotel, she continued. In a statement, the hotel expresses gratitude to “all of the guests, families, and event organizers who have chosen to stay with us.”

The vast majority of people will shop through local vendors in order to receive authentic Mexican clothing and accessories, according to research.

“Sales on Charro Days are typically at their maximum in February, with the highest volume occurring during the month of March. Thousands of customers travel from all over the world to purchase items at Artesanias MX Zoe, which is owned by Rosal Ramirez, who reports that business is booming at the store.

While the business is open 24/7, she expects that sales will increase by three to four times during Charro Days, despite the fact that the shop is open all year. According to her estimates, she orders and replaces merchandise every three to four days in order to keep her business lucrative. She orders and replaces merchandise every three to four days on average.

Besides attending Charro Days, Ramirez explained that because there are more businesses in the neighborhood, particularly small businesses, “they have the opportunity to inspect their stores and make purchases from them as well.”

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